He Holds Out Nectar – But Couldn’t Believe His Eyes When The Hummingbird Did THIS


Most people think that hummingbirds suck up nectar from plants by using their very long bill. Recently, bird biologists from Britain were able to photograph the hummingbird’s tongue. It is not really a tongue. It is a tube that the bird pushes out of its beak in order to collect flower nectar or the sugar water from a hummingbird feeder.

You just have to share this video with all of your social media pals and friends. It is amazing. The fact that the bird gets so close to a person is absolutely phenomenal. Possibly it is patience on the man’s part or just a hungry bird, but this is one of those rare instances of nature being caught doing something extraordinary.

The man is sitting on a deck and possibly by being in the same place all the time the birds have come to accept the man as part of the scenery. Bird scientists could make a few dissertations from this video alone.

You just do not see this kind of thing often. In fact, you probably will never see this behavior in a hummingbird on a personal level but this little video proves that it is possible to feed a hummingbird by hand. The remarkable thing is the bird displays absolutely no fear of the man. Some people just have natural affinity for animals that defies explanation.

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