He Heard Stories About This Makeshift Cage, But What He Found Inside Broke Me


Meet Sam. Sam is a pit bull that has been involved in the dogfighting world against his own will. His owner made him get into that world from a young age, so he didn’t really have a choice – he had to fight in order to survive. HE bears the marks of this past in his face, he got scarred from the fights he had, but he came out victorious like a champion. Due to his breed and due to the scars he has on his face, he looks like a pretty tough and dangerous dog that knows nothing other than violence, but this is not the case. Sam was rescued by the Humane Society that got him out of the dogfighting world and gave him a second chance. When the Humane Society found Sam, he was locked up in a makeshift cage living in poor conditions, because his owner didn’t want to love him, he just wanted to use him as a fighting dog. Now, even though Sam has marks of his past written in his face forever, he is going to be happy again, he won the ultimate prize: love. When they rescued Sam they thought it could be too late, but it wasn’t.

Sam is still a very kind and gentle dog nowadays, and even though he has had his share of fights in the past, he is still a dog that rejects violence whenever possible. It just goes to show that we aren’t all about violence at all, we’re all about love.

The work the Humane Society is doing is amazing. They rescued Sam and they can do this to a lot more dogs all over the world as long as the get proper support.

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