He Growled and Snarled At Everyone Who Came Close To His Cage. But When She Showed Up? Unbelievable


Any human that approached his cage was greeted with a growl and a snarl. Jurg attempted to greet the black leopard and was bitten hard enough to warrant a one week hospital stay, earning him the nickname Diabolo. Six months passed without any progress. Anna Breytenbach, who is a self styled expert communicator between species, has the ability to deliver messages to animals. She uses visual methods for speaking with them and also communicates silently, with the usage of thoughts. By communicating in this manner, she is able to obtain revealing responses. This video clip allows us to catch a glimpse of the transformation that Diabolo experienced, thanks to the help of Anna.

When Anna made her approach, Diabolo did not greet her with his customary growl. He reacted with calm and peace. Anna knelt down outside of the cage and looked at the leopard, communicating with him telepathically. The leopard let Anna know that he was distrustful, overwhelmed and very upset with the way humans had treated him. He also let Anna know that he did not appreciate the name Jurg had given him. Diabolo conveyed his concerns about two cubs who used to live in close proximity to his cage during his days at the zoo. Anna had no way of knowing about these particular cubs, but Diabolo had never forgotten them and still cared for them deeply.

Many revelations were brought into the light, thanks to Anna’s work with Diabolo. Due to the immediate changes in Diabolo’s demeanor and view of the world, he earned a new nickname that was more indicative of his true nature: Spirit. If you would like to see what else transpired on the fateful day when Anna and Spirit’s paths were finally able to cross, be sure to take a look at this touching video clip. It is also important to prepare yourself for the emotions that you are about to feel when your hear this amazing story.

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