He Grinds A Beer Can Into A Ball Of Hamburger Meat. When I Saw His Next Step I KNEW I Had To Try


It has been said that bacon will make anything better. When you are barbecuing this summer, you may want to take the time to explore this instructional video so that you can learn about bacon wrapped burgers. There are plenty of grilling hacks across the Internet, but we found this one to be one of the most exciting ones and it is because it involves bacon!

If you take a good size of hamburger meat, take a beer can, and stuff it down into the ball. This will allow you to form a bowl within the ground beef so that you can add in all of your favorite ingredients.

You can wrap some bacon around the meat, add on some cheese, and then leave it on the grill for approximately an hour. The grill should be at about 300°. When the time is up, get everyone around to eat. This is one of the most amazing foods you will ever eat, and it may put everyone into a delicious food coma for the rest of the night.

The video is 10 minutes long, which you may think is a little too long for an instructional video, but nothing is left out. Everything will be told to you so that there is no secret uncovered. With ground beef, a beer can, bacon, and some other ingredients, you can have the masterpiece that is shown at the end of the video. It is absolutely mouthwatering, especially when he cuts into it at the 8 ½ minute mark.

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