He Found A Crocodile Shot And Near Death – The Friendship They Have Formed Is Shocking Everyone


The man in this video hails from the nation of Costa Rica and he is one of the only men in the world who has ever been able to successfully tame a crocodile. His name is Chito and his friendship with Pocho the crocodile began under very unusual circumstances. Pocho was in a bad way, thanks to a run in with a local farmer that ended badly for him. The farmer shot Pocho and left him for dead, believing that he was responsible for the death of his cattle. As Pocho lay dying, Chito came upon him and did not hesitate to provide the crocodile with the help that he so desperately needed. Giving no thought to his own life or safety, Chito placed the wounded crocodile in his boat and took it home. After successfully transporting the dying animal, he began the arduous process of slowly nursing him back to health. Once Pocho had finished his healing process, Chito did what he thought was the right thing in that moment and released him back into the wild, so that Pocho could return to his natural habitat and resume his normal way of life.

Pocho was not content to head into the nearby river and leave Chito behind, however. What Chito discovered upon waking up the following morning was truly shocking. Pocho had returned to his home and the fact that he missed his old pal was truly undeniable. The crocodile had spent at least two decades living in the river behind Chito’s home.

A story like this must be seen to be believed. The idea of taking a crocodile who was wounded by gunfire, bringing him into your home and nursing him back to health may not make any sense to the average person, but Chito is clearly not the average person. His ability not to judge a book by its cover and put in the time needed to save Pocho’s life is what sets him apart. Be sure to share this story with all of your fellow animal lovers!

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