He Finds An Exhausted Mom, Now Watch What Happens When He Touches Her Puppies


Eldad approached Rosie, which led to nervous feelings for the dog. She was not hesitant because of Eldad and he would soon notice that she had recently given birth to a litter of puppies. The only problem? Eldad could not find her puppies anywhere. He took the time to sit with the anxious pit bull underneath for roughly an hour, attempting to convince her to show him where her puppies were. When this plan did not work, Eldad hit upon a brilliant solution. He utilized his iPhone, playing sounds of whimpering puppies to bait Rosie into thinking they were coming from her pups, in a state of distress. It worked, as Rosie believed that her babies were crying out for her. Within a couple of minutes, Rosie had unwittingly led Eldad directly to her five pups.

Rosie had smartly left her babies hidden in an area that contained a pile of leaves and trash and was also adjacent to a chain link fence. While the puppies clearly needed a great deal of medical attention, they were finally in Eldad’s safe hands. Now, each of Rosie’s puppies has their own name (Clyde, Shadow, Faith, Champ and Samson) and have grown into gorgeous pit bulls who are an equal combination of sweet and strong.

Each of the dogs have found a permanent home, as well as Rosie. The clip below allows you catch a glimpse of their reunion at Rosie’s recent birthday, as well as their growth into the beautiful pit bulls that they would become.

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