He Finds His Son Alone With A ‘Dangerous’ Pit Bull. He Didn’t Expect To See THIS!


Watch this video as this Pit bull and this little toddler get along so good. The Pit bull is supposed to be such an aggressive breed but this sweet girl dog named Jameson proves everybody wrong just watch this video and see why. Watch as the two are the best of friends romping and playing with each other.

This owner came home to catch these two having a great time together. Watch as this pit bull licks the toddler’s face seeming as gentle as any type of breed of dog can be. This six-year old female Pit bull was found wandering the streets in Huntington, New York and she is such an obedient and sweet dog. This owner films this surprising video to prove to everyone that Pit bulls when trained properly are no more aggressive than other kinds of dogs.

Watch this cool video as these two run around the house having a great old time and showing the world how an aggressive breed can be such a sweet animal. This Pit bull seems to really enjoy licking this toddler and he loves everything this Pitbull is doing to him. As the video goes along the two seem to be in a state of bliss while the dog licks the little toddler’s face.

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