He fell 30′ on his head. The words he spoke to his Mom had them all in tears.


Watch this video and see that miracles really do happen. Pete Brenda was working at school on a technical project way up in the air. He was on a lift when he lost his footing and fell thirty feet and landed on his head. Pete wasn’t given much of a chance to recover by the medical experts. He had suffered traumatic brain injury. Watch this as you watch the teenager slowly come out of his coma. Watching this there looks like not much of a chance of recovery at all.When you see the end of this video you think Pete made a remarkable recovery. They show him running in a beautiful mountain setting. At the beginning you would guess this would never happen. His mother does arrive at the school to see him bloody and lying lifeless on the stage floor. The family follows him to the ICU and they see him in a near death situation. Pete is hooked up to all kinds of machines fighting for his life in a coma. The doctors even gave him very little chance of recovery. When you watch this video it is hard to think he would ever recover.

Watch this video as Pete makes a full recovery. It is a miracle if you see him at the beginning of this video. All of a sudden you see Pete functioning at home again with his family in a normal way. It really does look like a small miracle, no doubt about it.

Watch as his parents explain how Pete comes out of his catatonic state. See how Pete is watched by his father for two and a half weeks in the ICU. His father never even goes home. Pete finally comes out of his coma with a gurgle and starts his way to recovery. With his parents watchful eye they are there to see him come out of his coma!

This is such an amazing story. Watching Pete in rehabilitation therapy you see a slow recovery. This is amazing as his doctors tell his parents that his brain had been sheared. Watch and you will see Pete as he fully recovers. He even explains at the end how he beat the odds of not ever recovering.

You won’t believe your eyes as Pete explains how he made a one hundred percent recovery. He even seems to be saying he is lucky to be alive. Pete goes on to say how wrong the doctors were and that he beat the odds. Pete knows he is lucky and that he still has faith in god.

Watch the happy ending to this near fatal injury and how Pete talks about the odds. The end of this video is so inspirational when they show the beautiful mountain scenery and Pete running through it. Pass the miracle video on!

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