He Drips Food Coloring Into A Cup Of Rice, But Magic Happens When He Adds An Egg


The whole activity featured in this video, was done with only one color for every egg, yet it would be amusing to design an egg with multiple colors. You could rock it up and down and then typically cover it and afterwards drop it into another dye, or just cover it mostly before adding dye to it. You could have a go at concealing 50% of the egg and dyeing it and afterward doing likewise for the other half with an alternative color.

For this creation, what you need is eggs that are well boiled, white rice, colorings used for food, containers and covers or some other sort of lid. Make sure to utilize glasses that are sufficiently expansive to hold an egg with enough room, spacious enough to shake an egg around in. For a simple “cover” you can secure the container opening firmly with a saran wrapper. Start by setting around 3-4 tablespoons of rice into a container. Drop in any event two or three great squirts of food coloring (you can simply add more later to obtain a darker or diverse shading), and blend it up well with the rice. Presently you can put an egg into the glass, secure a cover on top, and shake it tenderly around. You ought to have the capacity to see the coloring begin to relocate from the rice onto the egg. If you like what you see, take the egg out and put it aside to get dry. That is just it!

There truly is a considerable measure you can do with this strategy. You can achieve what you think about achieving with these eggs, if you make an attempt. If you’ve got anything other than this, you give it a shot, and begin what you would love to attempt with your rice coloring.

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