He Died Just Days After This Mark Appeared. When Doctors Discovered The Reason, They FREAKED Out


Watch this scary video about this unknown illness in our country of the United States. The Man from Kansas was the only person ever to have this disease in the U.S. and he was located in a county called Bourbon County. The CDC has named the virus the Bourbon virus because of its location. Imagine something like this happening to you. There are so many unknown microscopic diseases that scientists discover every day.
I can’t imagine what his family is going through right now. When something likes this comes out of nowhere it can be really scary. The CDC is working hard to keep track of all the new viruses that can come into our country. This video proves there are rare illnesses that we could encounter any day. We are glad to have these scientists stop these deadly diseases from spreading.

See how this video will scare you when they explain what happened to this Kansas man. The virus actually caused organ failure in this man very scary stuff. It is amazing of all the microscopic things we can’t’ see with the naked eye. This is what makes it so scary in today’s world. We are not being attacked by aliens but things we can’t even see.

Watch this scary video to see what happens to this unsuspecting man. This is a rare virus that you don’t expect to show up in our country. This rare virus is only been seen in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. In this country we have so many outside threats but you never expect to be killed by an unknown virus. This video is proof we are never safe and anything can happen from day to day. Watch this video and help others become aware of the dangers of this new virus in our country.

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