He Cuts Up An Old Can, Seconds Later? All The Neighbors Are Jealous Of What He Made It Into


Have you ever found yourself in need of an extra grill? Maybe company or neighbors dropped by and there is just not enough room on yours or maybe you find yourself at a picnic area and all the grills are taken or too nasty to use. This is a fantastic idea that will save your cooking out days and make you the hero of the event!

You will need a basic tin can. Just take one from your recycling and wash it. Use a can opener to cut away the lip of the can. Be very careful not to cut yourself while handling the cut tin. Now, take a normal pair of scissors and cut the can into strips as shown in the video. You are going to leave the bottom of the can and the fanned out strips will make it look like a tin flower. Shape the ends of each strip pointing up just a bit. Now use tin-foil to place over the “flower” making a large bowl shape. Just shape it with your hands. Your grill should look like a tin-foil bowl, with the bottom of the can sitting on the ground in a safe place. Note: you will want to use good quality tin-foil as it will be the strength that holds your grill together.

Now you place the charcoal in the bottom and light it up. You only need a few pieces, to spread out evenly around the base. When your charcoal is hot, spread it around and use an oven grill or cooking grill to place on top of the tin bowl. Any light weight grill will work. You are ready to cook. This will easily handle hot dogs or a few burgers. Heavy steak or long cooking time meats like whole chicken would not do as well on this.

You can always be ready to throw on some kabobs or burgers in a few minutes time using things you will have around the house. There is no need to go buy another grille that may not be needed again for a long time. There is no need to let the family be disappointed at the lake on your day trip. With this simple trick you are always ready to have a cook out. The few items you need can be stored in a bag in the trunk of the car for easy access.

This is also a big hit for tailgate parties. Don’t spend hours hauling and preparing your BBQ grille. In a few minutes you are partying like a rock star and the food is cooking on the tailgate. Clean up is very easy and everything is recyclable and inexpensive. Not to mention, you look like a genius! So break out the tin can and impress the crew!

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