He Cuts A Raw Potato In Half. This Secret Will Change The Way I Grill Forever.


It is summer! Summer means cook-outs and pool parties. And you probably know that one person who seems to know every cool trick in the book to have a successful grill feast. Sure, you can pull off grilling a few hot dogs, but actually “cooking” on a grill assumes that the grill will cooperate. That has not always been the case with your grill. Your grill seems to have a mind of its own. Well, we have found one grill-master that is willing to share a great tip for your cook out that you will never forget.

Nothing is worse than firing up the grill and getting your favorite foods ready to water the mouths of folks in the entire neighborhood. Your kabobs are picture-perfect. You have marinated your steak or fish to perfection. You have your veggies ready to sizzle. You place them on your hot grill and then you go to turn them. They are hopelessly stuck! By the time you use every ounce of strength in your arms and your steel spatula and a hammer if one is nearby to turn them, they look like they were hung to dry on an electric fence. Kabob sticks come out traumatized and half naked. You have tried sprays but they sometimes turn dark leaving a strange mark on your foods and leave a strange taste to your foods. The following video will show you a natural and easy way to keep your feast from being ruined. Never again will your food become part of the experience instead of being part of your dinner.

Simply heat your grill as usual. Clean the grill as you would normally do and let the cooking surface get hot. Now take an ordinary potato and cut it in half. Shove a fork in the rounded end and rub the blunt end of the potato back and forth across the hot grill surface. The heat from the steel pulls the starches from the potato which coat the grill. It leaves a stick free cooking surface with no flavor invading on the taste.

Veggies and steaks easily turn. Fish holds together and cooks evenly. Grilling no longer is a hit or miss event. Your foods are only limited by your own skills. You are in control!

All great cook-outs require a stick free grill. Knowing that you always have that stick free surface gives you the freedom to experiment with various foods. Flavors come alive and seasonings flavor the food and do not ruin the grill with residue.

So fire up the grill, grab a potato and your favorite BBQ apron and take your rightful place as the grill-master you were born to be! And if you family and friends want to know how you did it, share the knowrledge. After all, summer is sacred!

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