As They Approached, The Brother Covered His Sister To Protect Her. Then This Happened…


The call came in to Hope for Paws, that two little poodles were living dangerously and abandoned under the freeway. Though some kind soul had left them a bowl of food, the dogs were terrified and did not trust people. Getting to them would be dangerous and difficult, but the volunteers at Hope for Paws were their only chance for survival.

They arrived and checked out the situation. Once they spotted the siblings in the tunnel they formed a plan of action to rescue them. They blocked off one side of the tunnel, then the two volunteers slowly inched their way through the other end. It was hot and dirty and required a long crawl.

When they reached the poodles they were breathless and hot yet determined to stay as long as it took to bring these pups out of the tunnel and to a safe environment. They did not want to traumatize the animals, and it was obvious that they were afraid and untrusting. The little girl dog trembled against the side of the tunnel and the little boy covered her with his own body. He never took his eyes off the humans. Though he did not attack he did not go willingly. They offered the dogs food. The dogs did not take it. Carefully they slipped the rescue loop over the head of the girl. But they let her remain safely tucked under her brother. Then they slipped a separate rescue loop over his neck as well.

It did not take long for the dogs, now named “Pepsi and Cola” to understand they were safe. They are being lovingly cared for while Hope for Paws looks for them a forever home that will allow the two beautiful white poodles to remain together.

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