He Catches A Fox Eating His Prey. But When The Fox Does THIS The Man Behind The Camera Loses It!


What happens next is one of the creepiest things that I have ever seen. The fox actually starts to laugh. It’s the only way to describe the sound that comes out of the animal. The fox is laughing about having killed a pigeon. There is no remorse for the killing of the animal and has enjoyed the killing to the fullest level. There’s a feather on the fox’s nose and she doesn’t seem bothered by it at all. It’s part of the joy of the kill for this fox. The owner seems to really get into it with the fox and asks if he can have it back. All the fox does is laugh at him – and it’s kind of creepy to watch. The fox wags her tail and is very protective of her catch. It’s like she is saying “mine, mine, mine” because she doesn’t want the owner to get any closer than he already is.

Have you ever heard an animal laugh like this? What would you do if you caught your pet doing this after catching prey? It’s not that the fox is supposed to show remorse because she is an animal and they kill for survival. We show no remorse when we eat a hamburger. The part of this video that is so funny and disturbing at the same time is that the fox is actually caught on camera laughing about what is going on. We don’t roll around when the cow is slaughtered and then let out a maniacal laugh when it is thrown on the grill, because that would be insane – and that’s why this video is going viral.

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