He Came Home To a Disaster. When He Asks His Pups Who Did it… I Can’t Stop Laughing!


This poor dog owner came home after a long day at work just wanting to get comfortable and rest at home for a little while. He wasn’t lucky with the comfort part, however, as he saw that his comfiest sweatpants were all teared up in the middle of the floor. Clearly, someone was responsible and he knew where to go to find out: to talk to his dogs.

His two puppies, his “children” were obviously incredibly happy to see their loving owner arrive and talk to them a little bit, but their reaction completely changed when he decided to address the elephant in the room: what happened to his pants. He decided to lecture them a bit, and their reaction was simply priceless.

Clearly understanding what the owner said, they quickly ran away from him as soon as he mentioned his pants and what happened to them. They acted just like children, clearly understanding that what they did was wrong and that they shouldn’t have done yet. Moreover, they clearly understood what he was talking about, no type of explanation required.

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