He adopted abused and neglected dogs and took care of them on a fixed income. Then this happened.


Thane and Christen Hamilton have operated a dog rescue center on their own for almost twenty years. These two people have provided a new home for 22 abused and neglected dogs that otherwise would have died. The animal shelter has sought out the worst of the worst across the United States in an effort to bring healing and health to abused dogs. The couple sacrificed both financial comfort and medical insurance to provide a place for abused animals because they loved them. Christen began the project with three dogs. She and Thane were married after her veteran husband passed away. They had known each other for 25 years before they were married. Thane had been the victim of an industrial accident and could not work at the job he once had so with the inspiration of his wife he began a dog shelter that was funded only by him and his wife.

Christen developed health problems and passed away. Rather than run up medical bills for procedures that she knew would not save her life, she decided instead to leave Thane with a mission to care for the dogs they had adopted. Thane claims that Christen was the force that gave him a purpose in a life that had been almost destroyed by health problems. The shelter is a piece of art. Thane has built a rainbow bridge across the grave yard of the dogs that have passed away after learning to live like a dog again under the care of his wife and him.

Up TV selected Thane and his dog shelter as the recipient of a $1,000 gift for the most compelling and amazing story about love for animals in the United States. Once the people at Up TV told the local citizens Thane’s story, gifts and help cam pouring in. A local pet food store owner donated food, toys, and personalized chew toys for all of Thane’s dogs. A local attorney provided pro bono work to establish Thane’s dog rescue shelter as a 501c so that he could receive financial assistance to keep helping animals.

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