Happy The Hero: A Rottweiler Dog Saves A Chi-Weenie


Trixxie, a Chihuahua Wiener Dog mix, is your average happy go lucky dog out taking a morning stroll down her street with her owner. Her owner temporarily leaves her outside. The next thing she knows, a vicious, and apparently hungry, coyote barrels towards her and scopes her up. The coyote toke Trixxie off to the side and proceeds with his assault on the small dog. Happy, a neighbor Rottweiler dog, witnesses this attack and rushes to Trixxie’s aid. Happy pounces on the coyote until he releases Trixxie and proceeds to chase him in circles. Happy likely saved Trixxie’s life. Had it not been for his quick action, Trixxie may not have made it out of this attack alive.

This whole ordeal was captured on a neighbor’s driveway security camera. It is not known whether or not the owner witnessed this attack or if he found out about it because of the video; but in any case, the video was very helpful in capturing the heroic efforts of Happy. The owner of the security camera probably did not expect to capture such an event while simply securing his home; however, the security camera served in both capacities.

After seeing the video of the attack, many viewers left less than favorable comments about the owners. Viewers wondered why such a small dog was left outside where something like this could happen. Trixxie, being a smaller sized dog, was not typically left outside. On this particular morning, however, her owner went into the house for a short bathroom break and decided that it would be safe to leave little Trixxie for five short minutes. He did leave her on a long chain, however, which was the only reason why the coyote could not carry her off further than he did. The owners had no reason to suspect that this type of thing would or could happen. First off, the family lived in the middle of the city. You are not very likely to find a wild coyote, or any other wild animal for that matter, in the middle of the city. Also, there had been no coyote sightings in or around the area. Lastly, it was seven in the morning. This is not the typical time for a wild animal attack. Even so, there was a coyote and it did attack poor Trixxie. Luckily, thanks to the efforts of Happy the Hero and the security camera of a neighbor, Trixxie is safe and sound. Now the community can be more aware and be on the lookout for coyote and other wild animal sightings.

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