Great Uses For Rubber Bands.


Rubber bands are no longer just for pony tails and headbands. There are millions of uses for just a standard rubber band. Your household can be transformed just by a little piece of elastic. Who knew! Have you ever had your glasses slip off your nose? You bend over and slip! A rubber band is the simplest idea to fix this. It takes only a minute to solve this bothersome problem. Take two rubber bands for each temple of your glasses. Take the rubber band and wrap until it fits snugly at the temple arch. This should fit right behind your ear. Repeat on the other side. Now place your glasses on. There is no more slipping. You have got a tight fit. This will make a huge improvement for all you who wear glasses.

All of us have ribbon and wrapping paper we use for each celebration. How can we keep them from getting tangled and torn? Take your reliable rubber band and fix this problem forever. On the spools of ribbon, take a rubber band and wrap around. This is the place where the ribbon unwinds. On wrapping paper, take the rubber band and place it on the spool. The wrapping paper will no longer get torn or tattered. You can do the same with a spool of thread. Just wrap the rubber band where the thread is loose. No more tangles in your sewing box. This will also save you a great amount of money. A cutting board tends to slip easily when using it. Take two wide rubber bands and place them on each end of the cutting board. This will no longer allow the cutting board to move. This is not only a great idea, it is a safe one. When using a cutting board, you need it to remain stable. No more worries.

When trying to open a jar, you can get very frustrated. Take a wide rubber band, and place it around the lid. You may need to wrap it more than once. This not only provides a grip, but an easy way to open a jar. Painting can be quite a mess when you are trying to keep thing neat. You can keep your brush clean very easily. Take a rubber band and put it over the can open. This sill fit across the top. You can wipe your brush right on the rubber band. There will be no more drips or messes. You will be able to clean your brushes so much easier also. No muss, no fuss. You can take a rubber band and wrap it around the handle of a spoon. This will keep the spoon from slipping while cooking. Again, easy and a great idea. All with rubber bands.

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