Girl Bonds Instantly With Look-A-Like And Parents Knew Why


Everyone needs an inspirational story from time to time and that’s what this one is. An 18-year old girl from Cape Town was told by friends that there was a new, younger student who looked a lot like her. The girl, intrigued, befriended the girl immediately. They had an immediate connection and it was like they were sisters. The younger girl told her parents about the new friend she made and they invited her to ask the girl to come over and have coffee. The family met the daughter’s friend and it all came together. The girls resembled each other because they were actually sisters. The older girl was the daughter of the younger girl’s parents. However, she was kidnapped from the hospital shortly after being born. Back in 1997, Celeste Nurse gave birth to a baby girl in a hospital in Cape Town. A woman dressed as a nurse was sitting by her bed. She fell asleep and woke again to find her newborn missing. It was the woman dressed as a nurse who took her baby.

via Twitter/@JwanButimar

via Twitter/@JwanButimar

Celeste and her husband were devastated. They went on to have three more children, but each year, they would hold a birthday party for their daughter who was kidnapped. They never gave up hope in finding the girl, though as each year passed, it seemed more and more unlikely that they would ever be able to see their daughter again.
They knew instantly upon seeing the girl that it was their daughter. No DNA test was ever needed.
The woman who many years ago posed as a nurse is currently facing kidnapping charges. She is also facing fraud for posing as the girl’s biological mother.
Just five years ago, Celeste Nurse was interviewed and said that she would never give up home. She felt she could feel it in her gut that her daughter was still out there. Five years passed and now their daughter has come home.

via Twitter/@eNCAnews

via Twitter/@eNCAnews

The Nurse’s have been reunited with their daughter who was taken from them so suddenly 1 years ago. Now when they celebrate her birthday each year, as they have done every year, there will be a smiling girl who can blow out the candles and enjoy the birthday cake.

There have already been more than 20k shares as people want to share this simply amazing story. Comments are going wild, telling people not to give up hope after experiencing a kidnapping and siting the story as God’s work. Whatever you believe, it is a story that can truly be seen as a miracle. Share the story with your friends on Facebook and add some light to their day. This is simply an amazing story.

Featured image via Twitter / eNCAnews

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