Get Rid Of Your Ant Problem For Good With This EASY Trick!


This method works for small groups of ants or huge armies that track into your home looking for food. The more ants that you have means you have to use more of the simple little mixture but the added benefit of this homemade ant killer is that it keeps killing ants for a long time. The idea is spray it and forget it. Borax is a household disinfectant and stain remover. Borax will not harm plants and is actually good for some garden plants and flowers. You need to keep pets away from the Borax solution because it can harm animals. You need borax, honey, sugar, hot water, and a mixing bowl or cup. You also need a spray bottle. The easiest way to get a spray bottle for free is to use a household cleaner bottle or a window cleaner bottle and wash the bottle out thoroughly. Boil water. The amount of water you need depends on how big your ant problem is.

Put six teaspoons of sugar into a mixing cup. Add between six and eight teaspoons of Borax to the mixing cup. Add a cup of boiling water. You want to be sure that the Borax and sugar are completely dissolved. Mix with a spoon. You should have a light brown liquid if you use brown sugar and a clear liquid if you use white sugar. You are going to spray the solution through a small orifice so completely dissolved solids are a must. Add about an ounce of honey to the dissolved mixture. The sugar and honey act as natural attractants to ants. The sugar and honey disguise the taste of the Borax so that the ants will eat the Borax with the sugar and honey.

Let the mixture cool for a few minutes. Pour the Borax solution into the spray bottle and put the spray bottle cap back on tightly. You may want to make up a larger amount of Borax solution if you have severe ant problems. Just double, triple, or quadruple the amounts of the ingredients to make more solution. Spray the Borax solution on the ant trails. The ants will eat the solution and die. Borax kills ants because it reacts with their digestive system to build up enough gas to cause the ant’s digestive system to explode. The ants are more likely to take the Borax solution back to their nest and kill all of the ants that are bothering you. Once the solution is dry, it still kills ants. The ants eat the dried sugar and Borax and die just like they did the liquid. Do not use the Borax and sugar solution inside the house. This will only make more ants come in the house. Find where the ants are getting into the house and spray the outside of that area.

This little trick works like a charm and costs fifty cents. This beats ant killers that you buy or professional exterminator’s fees.

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