Fukushima’s Animal Guardian. Such Passion And Care


The disaster that happened in Fukushima is one that is going to be recorded in history for a long, long time. A lot of people had to get out of there just to be safe and to live a healthy life. A huge exclusion zone was created due to radioactivity, but one man decided not to leave these animals behind, and came back to feed them.
1 – This is Naoto Matsumura, the one man that didn’t leave anyone behind – not even animals. I take my hat off to you, sir.

2 – He just came back to feed his animals because he loved them, but soon enough he noticed that almost every animal needed him.
3 – He actually fled the zone at first, but there was nothing in this world that was going to keep him from seeing his animals.
4 – His love for them is so strong that he doesn’t care about the harmful levels of radiation, he doesn’t even want to worry about that at all.
5 – He knows he can get sick within a few decades, but he doesn’t care about that. He believes he’ll be dead before the radiation actually has an effect on him.
6 – Naoto discovered that a lot of cows and other animals had already died because no one was there for them, and they were locked.
7 – He helps every animal he can, leaving none behind.
8 – A lot of animal had been chained up and just left there to die. He managed to free a lot of them already.
9 – He is now the main hope for a lot of these animals that rely on him for food.
10 – The government forbid him from staying in Fukushima, but he also doesn’t care about that.
11 – He went there in 2011 and it’s been 4 years of saving the lives of thousands of animals. He is a true hero.
12 – Without donations from supporters, this wouldn’t e possible. He needs the donations to work with and to feed the animals.
13 – His supporters call him a guardian of Fukushima’s animals, but I call him a real life hero.
14 – He might be an incredible hero, but he also has a sharp sense of humor. He makes the most out of life, and that certainly counts.
15 – He is the only human there, but he is certainly not alone. The animals are like a family to him, and he loves them as such. Who needs humans when he has hundreds of other species with him?
16 – He is an example we should all look at, and we should all follow. Not into the radiation, some of us wouldn’t handle it, but we should follow the act of helping others.

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