From 1 Dancer To 40 – Awesome Flash Mob


Traveling on a plane for a long time can be incredibly stressful and incredibly boring, that’s just the way it is. If you have ever travelled by plane for a few hours on end you will know what I mean. You either have something to read to kill all of that boredom, or you are going to have a very tough time making it through that flight without just giving up and going to sleep. Sure, airlines do offer some movies to kill boredom and some magazines. But that will last you around one or two hours, after that you are on your own again. And more often than not, those movies are just terrible and in any other situation, you would surely not watch them at all. You could try to look outside through the window, but clearly the view is terrible, it’s just clouds, the open ocean, or land that gets boring after three minutes.

So after a terribly boring flight, what you certainly want to do is just leave. Go home, go visit the city, or go play some snooker, whatever gets your mind some entertainment. Whatever makes you forget that awfully boring flight, right? Well an airline company in Ireland decided to fix the problem themselves, and the solution is shown right in this amazing video. In the video, a girl just tarts dancing all by herself at the Lakeside shopping Centre. She is clearly a skilled and experienced dancer, the way she moves her legs captivate anyone to go ahead and just look at watch she is doing. After she starts dancing by herself and some people start looking at her, another dancer joins her. It just looks like it is some random stranger looking at her and admiring the way she dances, but then he nails the dance as well.

Soon enough, dancers keep on doing the same thing one by one, until there are around 40 dancers doing their thing in front of everyone. The cameras even capture a lot of people filming it since they want to record the moment so that they can see it later on. This is not your average flash mob, since there is clearly a lot of talent in this one. It should come as no surprise to know that these are some of the top dancers in all of Ireland, which is something that will make you keep on looking at them dancing throughout every second of the video. Now this is clearly an amazing way to take the pressure and stress out of travelers that just arrive to Ireland, and a great way to bring in a lot more people to the country itself. Personally, I want to visit Ireland now!

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