Frolicking Piglets Never Fail To Bring Joy!


You must have heard, read or seen a movie on “the three little pigs.” Their love for one another as well as the care and concern they portrayed for each other enabled them to unite together and face the bewildered fox despite his destructive threats of huffs and puffs.
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Well, here is also an interesting story of such sort. However, in this short true fable there are only two piglets involved which constitute the major characters of the play. Pigs generally, are often domesticated as pets but unlike other common four footed pets, pigs receive lesser intimate or companionable support and encouragement from their human handlers. You can hardly find piglets inside a home as is the case with cats and dogs. They often spend most of their time in their sty eating and sleeping all day long.

But the piglets found in this video had a different story to tell. They were seen doing stunts and acts in a pleasant mood, entirely different from what they are usually known for. These piglets were observing more of an interactive session mixed with fun and enthusiasm than just whiling away time sleeping or eating. The scene opens with a cute white piglet who was trying to create fun all alone. It was obvious that he was obsessed with loneliness and needed to do away with worry and anxiety. He tried so hard to derive pleasure from playing solely not until a companion was introduced and then the story changed.

As soon as the black piglet was let into the yard, they two immediately got alone with little or no introduction as courtesy demands. They began playing as if they had been friends for quite a long time. They ran up and down the wire fenced yard creating fun and deriving pleasure from anything they came across. They so played to the extent that the dog on the other side of the fence became deeply interested and would have loved to get along if he had had the chance of making his way into the small yard.

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