As Soon As This Lady Went Inside, The Foxes Did The Most Hilarious Thing!


Which one of you guys is really obsessed with trampolines, or has been in the past? Well as for myself I would like to say that even today, playing at the trampoline is one of my favorite things to do. Every-time I find the chance, I just go and jump for a couple of minutes. It reminds me of my happy childhood when things were as easy as they will never be again. To your surprise I discovered that not only human children are amazed by trampolines. Animals are too, and I am talking about two wild faxes this lady captured in the video camera.

She was inside when she heard a noise coming from outside. She reached out the window when she saw what was going on. She went quickly to grab the camera to film what was happening in her backyard. You will see in the video that two happy foxes got into the trampoline without knowing what it was actually. They were playing with each-other, then one of the foxes started jumping. She looked really impressed because she kept doing it again and again. I am thinking she really liked it, so she started to entertain herself for the next few minutes.

It is really impressive to see two wild foxes at the backyard jumping around your trampoline. I am very happy this lady decided to film the whole thing, and share it with us. This video makes me think that all animals are like human’s one way or another. At the end life is not only haunting, and running, and hiding for wild animals. They want to have some fun too. And by fun in this case I mean jumping in the trampoline like happy children. Now I am more convinced that trampolines are addictive, once you jump you don’t want to stop!

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