A Fisherman Brought In The Catch Of A Lifetime, But It Didn’t Stop There… OMG!


In the video below, you will see Jason Frost boating and trying to catch a prize winning fish. Looking out across the water he was surprised to see a tiny orange speck headed right for his boat. This was nothing he had seen before. As the speck got closer, Jason realized he was seeing a tiny little orange kitten. He could not believe his eyes. He struggles to reach the kitten and rescued it.

Jason realized some heartless person must have thrown the kitten into the lake. Unfortunately, there are some people who are less than human. Even in this day and age with animal shelters, animal rescue groups and the internet where one can easily search for a home for unwanted strays or pets; these people throw unwanted kittens and puppies into a body of water to drown and die. Often they put the babies in a cloth bag and secure it closed so the animals have no chance to swim and survive.

This story has a happy ending, but for many animals across the world the outcome is not a good one. Pet owners, who do not want animal reproduction, please have your animals spayed or neutered. And if you wait too long, utilize use of humane society services or be responsible enough to find the fur-babies a home. It is the right thing to do!

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