The FBI Will Now Be Tracking Animal Cruelty To Stop Animal Abuse


How many times do we have to read a story about some poor, innocent animal being abused before we finally get outraged enough to do something about it? How many animal lives have to be cut tragically short before our most powerful government bodies decide to stop sitting on their hands and intervene?

In a world where animal cruelty is running rampant, it is great to see that the FBI is finally getting to the bottom of these cases and taking them seriously. Animals have been suffering from intense cruelty for years now and the perpetrators have typically operated with impunity.

In the FBI’s defense, the victims of animal cruelty do not have a voice and they cannot let us know when they are experiencing torment at the hands of sadistic and twisted individuals. These victims are voiceless in every sense of the word and these latest developments provide authorities with far more recourse when animals are abused.

Animal lovers will rejoice when they find out that the FBI has recently upped the ante when it comes to pursuing cases of alleged animal cruelty. Their new primary objective when it comes to these cases is to put a complete stop to them, bring the offending parties to justice and make sure that no additional harm comes to any innocent creatures.

These awful human beings need to be stopped and animals should be able to exist in a world where people do not look the other way when they are experiencing extreme cruelty and mistreatment at the hands of habitual abusers.

Cases of animal cruelty have now been given their own category in the eyes of the law, which should help to put a stop to this unfortunate epidemic. Animal cruelty will now be considered a Class A felony, which should serve as a powerful deterrent to those who are considering taking out their frustrations on innocent pets who do not deserve that sort of treatment.

Take a moment out of your day to watch this video clip.

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It is our most sincere hope that animal cruelty rates across the country will drop in the wake of this groundbreaking announcement. It is high time that animals received the same amount of protection under the law as their human counterparts. Hopefully, a larger amount of animal lives are saved and animal cruelty stories can become a relic of the past. Share this news with everyone that you know, as soon as possible!

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