Every Day He Is Found Patiently Sitting Within A Church – The Reason Why Has Me In Tears


While most dogs are considered to be very loyal, the dog in this video (who is maned Tommy) takes loyalty to a whole new level. When his owner would head out each day to attend Mass, Tommy did not want to be left behind, so he would walk to and from service with his master. Once there, he would sit calmly at his master’s feet and listen to the sermon patiently.

The seven year old German shepherd attended Mass nearly every day of his life. Maria Margherita Lochi was his owner and she found him in a field that was adjacent to her home, in San Donaci, Italy, which is very close to Brindisi.

This touching story of the bond shared between Tommy and Maria needs to be seen by everyone. A story like this is easy to appreciate, so be sure to share it.

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