Every Day, An Old Man Does THIS For A Giant Tortoise. Unbelievable!


The video is just under three minutes, and show a man walking along down the streets with the pet tortoise right behind him. People are taking photos and one girl even goes for a ride on the tortoise! The man lives in Tokyo and it seems like everyone knows the man. He leans down to feed the tortoise lettuce. You can see that they have a very special bond. He never had kids and so this is a lot like his child. They have been together for two weeks. What’s really cool is that he takes the tortoise for a walk every day. The walk they take around the block takes about an hour to an hour and a half.

The man has a significant amount of patience and the two of them have become like local celebrities. They do have some differences. What’s really funny is when the tortoise decides that he doesn’t want to move anymore. That’s when Mitani Hisao has to move him around and practically drag him the rest of the way home. That’s when the tortoise is put in his box for bed time.

Mitani Hisao explains that it’s just women in his household. So, he and the tortoise are the only males and that is how they have bonded. It’s kind of amazing to see how the two get along and it would be quite a sight to see a man walking around with a tortoise. Since tortoises are not known for speed, the man has to slow his pace down tremendously as well.

Most people say that a man’s best friend is a dog. For Mitani Hisao, it is a giant pet tortoise, which is kind of cool. Not too many people can say that they have had a tortoise for a pet, let alone have one for 19 years. We have no idea what the life expectancy of a tortoise is, but we hope that Mitani has his best friend around him for many more years to come, especially since they have that very special male bond going on.

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