Ever Seen A Puppy Throw A Temper Tantrum Like This? I Bet You Haven’t… Whoa!


If you have children at home, then you are probably well aware of how difficult it can be to get them to take a nap. It seems like children are forever paralyzed with fear of missing out on something and they never want to go to sleep, even if they are rubbing their eyes and yawning up a storm.

The doggy in this clip is certainly no different from a human child. His name is Elvis and he has dug in his heels on this one, deciding that he is not going to bed, no matter what his mother has to say about the topic. He refuses to listen and will not be swayed, even by a cohesive argument.

The clip starts off like so many others, with two dogs playing together, seemingly enjoying each other’s company. It is clear that the mother dog loves her baby very much and loves to dote on him. They are so cute together, you can almost empathize with Elvis when mother decides that it is time for bed. You might even find yourself asking for just a few more minutes!

If you would like to see the end results of this dispute between mother and son, then make sure to watch this clip until its exciting conclusion. Parents and children alike will certainly have something to relate to, as both sides of the never-ending bedtime war are fully represented here. This is a great video for families to watch together and share in the laughter.

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