Emma The Pig Is Rescued From Death…And Then…Oh My!


Pigs are not just a source of protein. They’re also amazing, intelligent animals capable of compassion. They are adorable and Emma is no different. Emma was pregnant and close to death when she arrived at Apricot Lane Farms. She had a lot more piglets than what anyone would have expected. After that, her health was a roller coaster for a while and no one was sure of what would become of her. What did happen is heartwarming. It was a surprise for everyone.

The video starts out on a farm and then there’s a close up of a pig snorting. She was a skinny pig when she arrived on the farm, which is alarming for a pig anyways. The fact that she was pregnant made it that much more alarming. Many said she would be lucky if she had six piglets. She was sick. Emma went into labor, but she was also not feeling well. She had many, many piglets. They counted 11, then 12, and then finally 17. This was amazing! Everyone around the farm kept coming by to check on her. This number of piglets is almost unheard of, especially with Emma, who was not at her optimum health to begin with. Out of the 17 pigs that were born, 13 were able to survive. That was still a lot of piglets and Emma would be responsible. Her utters were unable to support the piglets. She ended up with a fever of 103 and she stopped producing milk. It wasn’t an easy thing because the farmers had to take the 13 pigs away from their mom so Emma could have the chance to live.

At the farm, they pulled out every trick in the book so that Emma could survive. They needed to get her fever down, get her to eat, and get her to start producing milk again. They were able to get her fever down. But she still wasn’t eating. They wanted to give her a reason to survive. They brought all of the piglets back into where Emma was lying down. The squeaking, squealing piglets came racing at their mother. This showed Emma that she was a mother and that she was needed. She began to regain her health almost immediately. She started eating again. She then took on the responsibility of looking after her piglets. She was making a full recovery…and the story continues. The piglets and even Emma are absolutely adorable and listening to the narration of this near death miracle is so heartwarming. You won’t want to miss out on watching the video. What do you think of this pig and her piglets? Share the video on Facebook with friends now so they can hear about the story, too.

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