Emma The Inspirational Survivor Pig


A man and his wife who obviously own a farm and animals and know quite a bit about raising and tending livestock inherited Emma. Emma was a red pig that was not in good health. Unknown to her new owner, Emma was pregnant. Just a few short weeks after her arrival, Emma gave birth to 17 piglets. Fourteen of the piglets survived. Initially, Emma was able to feed her piglets but poor health and the stress of a birthing that left Emma exhausted and caused Emma to be unable to produce milk for her huge brood of piglets. Emma’s owners quickly contacted vets and fellow farmers and did all they could to get Emma back in good health. They even took to bottle feeding 14 piglets for a few weeks. The owners credit the majority of Emma’s recovery to good health to the fact that they reintroduced the piglets to Emma. Mothering instinct and the innate necessity of caring for a new generation that keeps the species living helped Emma regain her ability to feed her young and regain her health.

Emma regained her health and her piglets rapidly grew to pigs. We mean big pigs. They are probably 100 pounds at six weeks and ready to have a go at life on their own in their own pasture. Emma recovered completely and put on a minimum of 200 pounds. Emma overcame the loneliness of losing her brood of piglets by adopting a friend. Her friend was a scrawny and sickly red rooster that the farmers had adopted. The man and woman were inspired enough by Emma’s success to begin their own family. The little video is a heartwarming story of people that care about animals that are in less than perfect health and go way above and beyond to help these animals survive. The video of the piglets being born and the shots of their rapid increase in size as well as their mother’s recovery as a result of raising her piglets is not only very cute it is quite touching and inspirational. Pigs have been a part of human life for at least 13,000 years. Pigs are very social animals not only with their own kind but with the humans that raise and tend them. Pigs are smart. Pigs have been trained to hunt for truffles underground because they have a very sensitive and highly developed sense of smell. Pigs wallow in mud to protect their delicate skin from insects, not because they are inherently dirty. The point of this video, if there has to be one, is that caring humans can and will go out of their way to help animals that are in distress. The rewards these two people got were a huge crop of pigs and the revival and survival of Emma even when she looked to be a goner for sure.

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