This Baby Elephant Sees A Goat For The First Time, And His Reaction Will Make You Burst Out Laughing


Most little children are afraid of just about anything that is new and unusual, but it’s shocking to see that it is the same with little animals. In this video, a baby elephant sees a goat for the very first time and gets frightened. The way the elephant reacts would make you laugh till tears come out of your eyes.

It is only natural for this baby elephant to not understand what he is seeing before his very eyes. Elephants do not exactly live in the same habitat with goats, so to this baby elephant; the goat must look like a really horrifying monster. The baby elephant sees the goat and gets incredibly frightened. You can only wonder what is going through the little guy’s mind. He must really think the goat can harm him.
As a crowd gathers around the baby elephant, he is not afraid to look silly as he sees a little goat moving slowly towards him. He must save himself first by running in the other direction; he also makes an incredibly loud noise as he does this. This is quite funny because the baby elephant looks so frightened. He even manages to scare the little goat. The goat runs away as he hears the elephant make a loud noise. If only this baby elephant knows that he would grow up to be twenty times the size of the goat, maybe he would not be so scared.

This is one of those videos that you can’t help but laugh at how silly animals can be. You would understand that the elephant is quite scared at seeing a goat for the first time, but his reaction is absolutely hilarious. The little guy darts towards his mother and screams at the top of his lungs. You can’t help but laugh!

There are just some videos that make you burst out in laughter and may even cause you to tear up a little. This happens to be one of such videos. Babies get frightened at the littlest things because they do not yet understand the world around them. The get scared of animals, toys and sometimes even their shadow. The way this elephant reacts in this video would definitely make you laugh.

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