Electrician Picks Up A Baby Deer, But When He Tries To Put Her Down, She Does THIS!


Have you guys ever seen a deer in person? I have been lucky enough to see many of them when I used to live in OBX. NC, and I can assure you they are one of the most beautiful animals on earth. If you ever go out on a picnic with your loved ones, or go hiking, then you might be lucky enough to see some deers in the wild. They are not too friendly because they grow in the wild only with their family.

This video is really funny because I could have never imagined that deers would like belly rubs so much. As one of the electricians clarifies in this video, they found this baby deer in the wild, and saved her because she was trapped in the electric lines. As soon as they saved her, they thought to pet her a little bit just to calm her down. Truth is, baby deer falls in love with belly rubs, and she doesn’t want the electrician to put her down. When he does, she starts protesting for her own rights.

If the baby deers wants to snuggle, or to get some belly rubs, then these two guys have to give her a chance. Looks like she likes these two guys, and they might become best friends if they treat her carefully, and with great love. I have no information whatsoever if deers are friendly, or not, but I can tell by this video that this baby deer gets along with people pretty well. Petting a baby deers is such a great opportunity that comes once in a lifetime, so you better make the best out of it guys! Watch the video, and see the reaction of this baby deer every time they try to put her in the ground. If you enjoy this video, and if you thing this baby deers is really cute, then don’t hesitate to share this video with your friends.


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