Edie The Dog Saved From Certain Death In The Nick Of Time


The rescuer in the video gets a call about a small dog named Edie. The dog is within an hour of being put to sleep forever at a local pound because they just do not have the money to take care of all the pets that are thrown away by disgustingly negligent and uncaring “people”. The man rushes over to the pound and finds a long-haired dirty white little dog that is scared to death. The animal is so afraid it does not even bark. The dog whimpers and squeaks in fear.

The rescuer tries to coax the dog to a leash but the animal has been so abused and is so scared that it just runs into a corner and poops in fear. After several minutes of coaxing, the dog finally sits in the man’s lap. After a few minutes of petting and kindness the dog accepts the leash easily and without complaint.

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