Drivers Risked Their Lives To Save Two Dogs Who Were Sprinting Down A Freeway


This looks like something you’d see in a movie, people stopping to help two dogs that were terrified and running in the midst of traffic. The drivers tried to gather the German shepherd and boxer that shouldn’t have been on the freeway in the first place. No one stopped to think about how these dogs came to be on the busy freeway as the athletic dogs used up a lot of energy running in the midst of the cars in order to avoid getting run over.


One driver named Rochelle Vargas, along with another managed to capture the dogs after they ran up to a mile in the midst of traffic. It was also amazing to see that they got that far without getting run over by a car. The dogs gave the cars a run for their money as they switched lanes and even ran in-between cars. It is remarkable that the dogs did not get crushed.

These dogs could have easily been turned into road kill, but instead they were saved from the possibility of a horrendous accident. After they were rescued, the dogs were given some water to drink and taken to an animal shelter close to San Gabriel Valley. One of the dogs however, was seen wearing a collar, but it was not certain whether they were abandoned or they had an owner.

At the end of the video, a few of cars were stopped on a previously busy highway and one driver pursued one of the dogs on foot before scooping it up in his arms and taking the dog to the car. It is surprising that these drivers even stopped in the first place, as most people would not even think of stopping on a freeway. In the video, drivers on the opposing lane are seen watching the commotion going on in the midst of the freeway as everyone was stunned at the show of courage on the part of the drivers and also the dogs. The frantic dogs seemed to have little understanding of what was happening, so they just kept on running in order to avoid getting hit. This is truly one of those things that you probably would see only once in a lifetime, it’s a good thing someone caught it on camera.

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