Donkey Who Nearly Died In Flood Breaks Into A Grin When He’s Rescued


Floods dislocated many when they occur but it’s not just people who find themselves in danger or in need of rescue, animals are often times victims also. It’s not that their owners forget about them, but sometimes having to flee quickly can prevent making sure farm animals are all able to get free from pens or barns they may be kept in. They don’t always have the time to get to high ground quickly enough when the flood waters begin to rise.


There are times also when the size of the animal hampers the availability of space needed to house a large rescued farm animal. It’s those times the animal can end up being left to fend for itself and sadly some don’t survive.



However this is a group of people who were determined to save this donkey from what probably would have been an unsuccessful attempt to get through a flooded area of land.

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The water level was rising and was already just below his chest, the wrong step would have surely sent him deeper into the water causing him to be swept away to almost certain death. An animal lover who spotted the donkey trying to cross the rising water took a picture and posted it to Facebook asking for any able bodied person’s assistance in rescuing the animal.

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Luckily and thankfully a whole lot of people headed the call for assistance to save the donkey from the flood waters. Rigging a flotation device with a long stretch of rope, rescuers were able to get the device around the donkey’s neck and gently drag him over to the other side and outside of the rising flood waters. Oh and don’t forget to share this incredible story and video with as many people as possible, a smile like his deserves to go viral.

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Donkeys may be stereotyped as being one of the most stubborn creatures by nature, but this donkey knew his life depended on being cooperative with those who were trying to rescue him. One his rescues got him to dry land, they removed the flotation device from around his neck. Donkey was so grateful for his rescuers commitment to bring him to safety he gave them the biggest donkey smile anyone has ever seen.

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What…you didn’t know donkey’s smile? Well of course they do – when the time is appropriate of course and being rescued from rising flood waters most definitely warranted a big ole grin! Check out the video of this dramatic rescue of the ever so grateful donkey who would have perished in the flood waters had caring rescuers not come to his rescue.

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