Dog With Disability Can Hardly Believe She’s Now Able To Run


Have you ever stopped to wonder how far our technology has gotten already? We are always looking at the future, wondering what is going to come next, but we almost never stop to think about the present, to realize what we have and to be thankful for everything we managed to accomplish.

We have already managed to simulate a heartbeat, we have gone beyond our planet Earth and explore part of our solar system, we have walked on the moon – how amazing is that? Better yet, we keep on evolving at a faster rate than ever, we are about to step on Mars as well!


A lot of this technology is used for evil, but a lot of it is used for kindness as well. In this video, we see an example of kindness – the best type of use for technology. The dog in the video is Daisy. Daisy was found as a puppy wondering the streets by an animal control officer.


Since she had no one, she was going to be euthanized so she would stop suffering in this world, but someone decided to rescue her right before she was killed, so now Daisy walks with us on this Earth.

But Daisy was very unlucky in her early life, and she also suffers from a condition called congenital deformity. It affects her front legs, and she isn’t able to walk or run like a puppy should, she can only hop like a bunny.


Daisy’s luck began to change. She was quite skilled at hopping, and someone cared enough about her to give her a forever home filled up with love and warmth. So much so, they got her a wheelchair so Daisy could over around freely.

The wheelchair was, however, not good enough, and Daisy started to develop a problem on her spine as the position the wheelchair gave her to walk wasn’t the right one for a puppy. So her loving family decided to look for alternatives, and that is when they found a good one.

Her family got her prosthetic limbs that simulate her front legs, so they help improve her posture and allow her to actually walk and run normally. She spent a lot of time adjusting to her new limbs, but now she is able to run freely. This video is the first time Daisy managed to run like a puppy. Something so simple, and yet so magical.

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