Dog Snitches On Sibling! This Is So Funny My Face Hurts!


When dogs make mistakes, they are able to understand it. At least most of the time. These two labs are confronting their mommy after she discovered that one of them took a cookie out of the counter and ate it. Since there are no signs of the cookie in neither one of their faces, she decided to get both dogs and ask them. Their mommy decided to go easy on them. She thought that the best way to find out the truth was asking the dogs who did it. The way she tries to talk to these two makes it look really painful. She talks really slowly, with a sweet loving voice.

She wants to let them know that they have to say the truth and nothing but the truth. Both of them know that they made a mistake, they both hear very carefully what mommy has to say, and just stand there without moving. They look really sad when mommy wants to find the troublemaker, and for a moment I thought that they both did it together. It really amazes me to see how they stand in front of her. They listen carefully to everything she has to say, and once the questing was asked, BAM one dog snitches the other one just like that.

In a way I have to say that dogs want to be sincere with their mommy, but they also want to be the good guy when time comes. On the other hand I feel sorry for the dog who did the mistake because that face just breaks my heart. It is really crazy to see how much this dog regrets its poor decisions, but it is too late already. Everything is said and done, all there is to wait for, is the punishment. This is a really beautiful video, and yet so funny! Enjoy!

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