Dog Sings To Whitney Houston And Shocks The Judges


The dog’s owners, Mick and Daphnee, have been with her since the age of 12 weeks. They had brought Lady Xena into a café and she was sleeping at the time. The Whitney Houston song came on and the dog instantly woke up. She began to sing and cry to the song in a really weird way and that’s when they knew they had a star on their lands. Xena, as they call her for short, was a star. She had her 15 minutes of fame when they brought her on the stage of Belgium’s Got Talent. The judges silently watched the dog as she sat next to her owner. The music came on and the singing began.

The audience and the judges were hysterical about what was going on across the stage. The dog clearly has an emotional connection to the song or the sound and responds to it. She isn’t quite as lyrical with other songs as she is with this Whitney Houston number and it’s what makes it so shocking.

You’re going to want to watch this video a few times on your own before you share it. The song will stick in your head and you will be watching to see just how into the song the dog gets. Once you are done laughing so hard you’re crying, then you will want to share this video with everyone. Share the video with your friends on Facebook.

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