Dog Runs Right Up To A Mama Tiger, But Watch How Adorable This is.


We all have been raised with the idea that wild animals are very dangerous. They pose a big threat to us, humans, but our pets also. We have to always stay away from them if we want to be safe. Well as time goes by, I learn more and more stories of wild animals who are very friendly towards humans or pets. The video below is the living proof of what I am saying. You will be able to see that tigers and dogs can be really good friends thanks to the “Oasis of the Siberian Tigers”. “Oasis of the Siberian Tigers” is a protected area that protects rare breeds, mostly wild, from becoming extinct.

They have a conservation project, whose goal is to mix dogs with tigers. The whose purpose is to see, that these tigers can be absolutely friendly towards dogs, and not only. Tigers can be really dangerous, but if they have food and if they don’t feel threatened, then they could be just like any other animal. As you will see in the video these dogs and tigers grew up together. Therefore they have blended, forming a big, happy, and diverse family. Tigers and dogs can be really good friends, because both animals are young in spirit. That means that both parties are always up for some fighting, games, and fun!

“Oasis of the Siberian Tigers” is located in Svenec, Slovenia, and the owner of it is Lucia Zustacova. When asked about her brilliant project she says: “It’s so amazing when you are near these beautiful animals. I love the animals, and love the oasis- it’s a great project to help these tigers facing extinction.” Personally I think that it is great to make such projects come to life. I know that we can’t make a radical change in the store of wild animals, but definitely projects like these can make a huge impacts in these animal’s breeds.

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