This Dog And Rat Right Here? You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It!


Animals have continually shocked us with their unusual friendship and it is clearer that they are more peaceful than even humans. We have seen instances of dogs and monkeys, a cheetah and a monkey, a bear and a tiger and so many more. However, there has never been something so spectacular as a dog and a mouse.

Dogs are friendly animals, but a mouse would be the last Animal they would frolic with. Dogs naturally love to chase animals that like to run and this is why they chase cats. Mouse also have the instincts of running when they see a predator. This case is rare and truly spectacular.
It all began when a taxidermist called Mickey Kwapis saved a rat from been eaten by a snake in a pet store. The rat was only four weeks old at the time and needed to be hand fed . The mouse was named Riff ratt and was introduced to the pet named Osiris. Osiris has been trained to help all animals who are rescued by Kwapis, but he took a special interest in Riff ratt. A lot of people wonder how a mouse can be kept as a pet and have only seen such in movies. However, they are wonderful companions and are much like dogs in so many ways. While the two seem like an unlikely pair, they prove that friendship may transcend species of animals.
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The video proves how similar they are as Riff ratt is seen trying to enter Osiris mouth and likes it when he licks his head. He is also seen staying comfortable on Osiris back while Osiris gives him a ride to the couch. The two spend all day together and it doesn’t seem like anyone can separate the duo. The unlikely friends live in Chicago with Kwapis and help save other animals in danger. They also have an Instagram page made for them by their owner which has gotten a lot of publicity for them. More people want to follow up the spectacular story of the unlikely friends.
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In one post, the owner showed a video of Riff trying to enter Osiris mouth and explained that Osiris is the most gentle dog that ever lived and that the mouse loved to play in the three year old dogs mouth.

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