Dog Owner Livid After Groomers Shave Her German Shepherd


Bad hair days come and go, and believe it or not, this is true even for our fuzzy friends. Chances are, everyone’s received a less-than-stellar haircut at one point or another. But when you’re paying upscale dog grooming prices for your four-legged companions, a bad hairdo is no laughing matter. At least, that’s what one woman from Ohio has to say. A recent trip to the dog groomer left one woman incredibly dissatisfied with the dramatic makeover her dog received.

Julie McGill was furious after taking her beloved German Shepherd, Jericho, in for a typical trim that turned out to be anything but routine. She’s been a patron of the same dog salon in Wapakoneta for over 7 years without complaint, but this time, the results were dramatically disappointing. McGill said that as the weather began to heat up, Jericho began to shed excessively, and Jericho was due for grooming. She had expected the groomers to take a little off the top, but they went way too far. “I cried when I saw him!” she exclaims. She certainly wouldn’t have to worry about Jericho shedding on the furniture anymore, because all of his lovely long fur was completely gone. She even says that Jericho himself was displeased with his new look, so embarrassed that he wouldn’t eat or drink for days. But was the haircut really that bad?

The groomers have a different side to the story. The groomer says that he followed Ms. McGill’s requests, and even showed her the clippers, and even trimmed a small patch so she knew what to expect. Perhaps she didn’t know what a lion cut meant, but Jericho was left with all his fluffy fur trimmed so close he was practically bald, with just a small tuft at the end of his tail. Not exactly the typical trend for the tough German Shepherd breed. While fur does grow back, dog grooming services cost a pretty penny, and Ms. McGill was very unhappy. It seems there must have been some unfortunate miscommunication, and perhaps she didn’t realize what the cut would look like. A lion cut isn’t common for this breed, but at least Jericho will be nice and cool for months to come. Hopefully he adjusted to his new look after a few days.

Luckily, just like human hair, a dog’s fur will grow back, but until then, Julie McGill might be looking for a new groomer, and poor Jericho is stuck looking not unlike the “cowardly lion”. He definitely won’t be shedding nearly as much with this new style. Dogs with long hair are known to shed, but at least his owner won’t have to worry about that for quite a while!

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