What This Dog Is Doing Right Now May Give You Nightmares!


I am trying to find out what nightmare was this dog having in this video. Did he remember the last visit at the vet? Was he remembering the painful escape of his squirrel buddy at the park, when all he wanted to do is playing around? Was he having nightmares about that one time when his human did not feed him the big delicious steak? Or was he having a nightmare about the Barbie Halloween costume they made him wear?Whatever nightmare it might be, it looks like a painful one. These face expressions are just too realistic, and the sounds he is making make it looks even worse.

I am glad that they woke him up because he would not feel the same if it lasted a little bit longer. Now that the nightmare is over, I am thinking that a good massage, a little treat, and a good walk would help this beautiful pup to clear his mind, and forget all about it. At least this is what I would do if my dog would experience something similar to this. The droopy eyes, and the saggy lips make this experience look a lot worse than what it might be actually. So I would advice all of you to wake up your buddies up if they go thought the same as this dog. You will really save them from some difficult terrible moments.

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