Dog Lays Dead On The Floor, Seconds Later I Can’t Stop Laughing!


Apparently it’s not just cats that have aversions to taking baths, some of their pet counterparts, namely dogs, have the same abhorrence to getting that dreaded bath. This pooch is so dead set against getting a bath he literally plays dead to avoid the tub. Pun intended of course. If dogs could be given an Academy Awards for acting, this guy would most definitely win the Best Actor award.

Human actors have absolutely nothing on this dogs acting ability, but then probably most movie actors are not as absolutely determined to avoid something to the extent this adorable, but not so small Pit bull mix dog is. Of course there are some breeds of dog who love the water and some even enjoy the occasional bathtub or shower time. However, this guy – not so much!

When his owner decided it was time for his best friend to have a bath, the determination to avoid the dreaded bath by the dog became more than evident. This dog was not going to cooperate, not even a little bit. No matter how much gentle pulling and prodding his owner does this pup is quite dogged to convince his owner he’s dead.

Once his owner gets him out of the bedroom and into the hallway, this ‘dead pup’ remains steadfast in playing dead. Even as his owner tries to life his body off the floor the pooch remains limp. Watch this hilarious video as the dog who played deceased to evade his bath gives the performance of a lifetime! Make sure to share the hilarity with others by sharing the video to everyone you think needs a good laugh for the day.

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