Dog Has An Amazing Guilt Face Once He Gets Caught – HILARIOUS!


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In this video, Stephanie tells us about how she couldn’t find her glasses for a few days, they were missing. Since she couldn’t find them, she decided to go look in her backyard and to her surprise (or not) she found them in there all chewed up. She didn’t have to think too much to understand who was the culprit of all this: Rooney, her dog. She didn’t have to do much to find out whether she was right or wrong, since as soon as she showed him the chewed up glasses, the dog immediately gave it all away just with his actions.

Still, this is the cutest display of guilt you will ever see in a long, long time. As soon as you look at the dog and see his eyes looking at the chewed glasses you will feel just like when you are watching a puppy play with a ball, or something like that.

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