Dog Giving Birth On Tape Is Nature In Action, This Is Amazing!


This footage of a female boxer breed of dog giving birth to some new puppies and letting her maternal instincts kick in during the process. The birth occur right on top of a person’s bed or couch in their house and as most live birth go, it is not a pretty sight. But it is a natural sight and once the mother pushes each puppy out, she proceeds to lick them clean and begins to nurture them.

These newborn puppies seemed to be doing pretty well right after their birth but that just marks the beginning of their young lives. They days right after puppies are born are very important and they will need close supervision. They need to be checked for things like abnormalities with their hips, their size, and weight. The newborn puppies also need to be in a warm environment in their early days and do a lot of nursing. Getting a healthy amount of their mother’s first milk after being born is very important for puppies’ immune system and should be able to find a feeding spot unassisted.

Like most puppies, the newborns in this video should get a considerable amount of sleep when they are not drinking milk. Any irregularity on their bodies should be noticed within the first week or so of their birth and things like trimming their nails should be done quickly as well. The sensitive time period after a puppy is born will mean a lot to their health moving forward and the owner can help a lot in making it a smooth one.

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