Dog And Bunny’s Epic Staring Content Will Crack You Up!


Staring contests are considered to be one of the funniest contests out there. Especially for dog owners. Have you ever gotten yourself in a staring contest with your dog? Well I have, and I have to tell you they take it really seriously. I am not sure if they perform it like a contest, or if they just stare at you for no reason at all. I have to admit that dogs do love to stare. Especially when they see you are busy doing something else, instead of paying attention to them.

Well pretty much this is what happened while the owner of this dog took his pet for a walk. It was a moment when the dog saw a bunny standing right in front of him, and that is when it all started. Both animals just froze, and started the staring contest. Either one of them showed any interest whatsoever in doing something else besides staring. I believe that they both thought that once they moved, the other one would escape, so they were standing still, while holding their breath. But then the owner of the dog did something to distract the dog, and that’s when the bunny decided to run away as fast as he could.

Maybe the poor animal was scared of the dog, and he thought that it was his chance to release himself from some trouble. I don’t know which one would have won if the contest would have lasted a little bit longer because both contestants seem pretty prepared for a challenge like this one. What do you guys think? Who would have been the winner of this game if it didn’t end as quickly as it did, and if it didn’t end the way it did?

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