Dog Adopts And Raises A Baby Pig As Her Own


Animals are capable of crazy amounts of love. People who have been fortunate enough to be pet owners already know this little tidbit. What’s nice, though, is when we can read stories that remind us of these things. There is a female Daschund that goes by the name of Tink. She selflessly adopted a baby piglet who had been abandoned. Then she decided to raise the piglet as if it were her own, right next to all of her own puppies. The story has touched the hearts of many, so much that it has been written into a children’s book by Johanna Kerby, entitled “The Pink Puppy”. Tink and Pink (how cute is that) have bonded instantly. This video shows just how much Pink is looked after by Tink just as if she is one of the other puppies. The little piglet is about the same size as all of the puppies, so he fits right in. Even the other puppies have taken to him. They see him as their weird little pink brother. He sleeps in a puppy pile with everyone and he’s never seen as different. As time has gone on, the pair are still tight and this is awe inspiring as to how a puppy is able to actually raise a piglet as her own. This goes far beyond animal love because it’s going across species. It’s not like Tink decided to raise another puppy.

She raised a piglet. This just goes to show the kind of big heart that a dog can have. She raised the piglet as a mother. One mother couldn’t provide and do the raising, so she stepped in. We don’t know the whole story as to how Tink managed to come across Pink, but it happened at a very young age. Pink hadn’t even opened his eyes at the time that the dog had gotten her grips on him. We’ve all heard the expression of puppy love and this video takes it to a whole new level. The dog and the puppies love this little piglet like he’s a member of the family. It’s a great little story and one that we wish we saw a whole lot more of. Dogs and pigs can become best friends – or in this case, mom and son. The bond these two share go way beyond blood. They didn’t need to be related for the Daschund to know it was the right thing for her to go and raise this piglet with her puppies.

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