Dog Abandoned For Serious Health Problems, Raises Everyone’s Spirits!


Be Beautiful… You were made for so much more than all of this.
This is how the video below gets started. The reason they decided to quote this is exactly the reason I have decided to share with you this video. I am talking about a tiny Chihuahua that was given away from her family to an animal shelter, just a couple of hours after she was born. The reason this tiny Chihuahua was abandoned from her family is because she was born with Cleft Palate condition. For those of you who don’t know what Cleft Palate is: Cleft Palate is a congenital split in the roof of the mouth.

So the puppy was not born perfect, but had a birth condition that made her look a little bit different, so what? Do animals have to look picture perfect in order for us to show them love and care and respect? I just don’t understand these people who judge animals from their appearance. Because that makes me think that these people are so small and judge a book from its cover. In my opinion this is one of the biggest problems our world is facing today. Does it mean that everything has to be beautiful, in order for us to care about it? I disagree with this idea, as much as I disagree with the idea of abandoning a newborn Chihuahua just because it is not perfect.

The important thing is that Emma has a loving mother now that truly cares about her. She is in great health condition, and is living a beautiful dog life. At the end the most important thing is that the dog is doing well, and that she has a great determination of living her life as it comes. If she isn’t beautiful like the rest doesn’t make a big difference because in the end all she needs is someone to love her and take good care of her.

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