Dog Abandoned In Rising Flood Water Gets Rescued By Kind Strangers Passing By


Dogs are considered the most faithful among animals and also men’s best friend. To abandon them in the manner Lucky’s owner did without any second thought is an inhumane act. To forget all the good times and companionship he offered in times of trouble and abandon him is cruel. One can only imagine the trauma and pain the dog has endured.

There are many dogs and animals out there who are being abused and abandoned by their owner after they have rendered their service and have become old. Sadly a few good Samaritan work is not enough to help them all and hence they wander helplessly and perish and die a terrible and painful death. There are many who aren’t lucky enough to meet a kind stranger to adopt them or a rescue team to provide them shelter and food.

However luckily, the dog Lucky in this video was rescued and he got back a new home and life. Personally, I am happy and relieved for him and have utmost respect for the rescuer. Alex is one true hero with a heart of gold. I only hope people show more compassion and love towards animals after watching this video. This video is a must watch and a good one to watch it with your children too. Just don’t forget to share the video among friends and family after watching it.

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